Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Private Jet Franken

I have made many, many attempts at frankening this beast. Its not terribly easy, but it IS easy to screw it up.

I made a tester in a bottle cap like I usually do when I'm going for something very specific.


Freaking gorgeous, right? All I had to do was mix about 10 drops black, 5 drops clear, 2 drops SH Purple Diamond and this is what it made. It was beautiful, a true black holo... Not grey, not brown, not charcoal, but actually black.

When I went to make it in a bottle, things went awry.


The holo was now extremely dull. So I added a ton more holo... and it was still extremely dull.

I added more clear, which made it too grey. I added more black which made it too dull again.

My current end result is this:

Mine is the one on the left (the black one) and the original MPJ is on the right (the brown one). In real life it reads very purple, but its finally holo. I just don't really know how to tweak it without starting the process again. So much polish has been exchanged that I now have THREE franken bottles of this stuff, all different degrees of awesome from not so much to pretty awesome. I've added Purple Diamond, Diamond, Ruby Diamond, Blush Diamond, Pink Rose Diamond, DS Original, DS Glamour, and I don't even know what else.

What do you think of the current end result, though? I am curious lol

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