Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Color Club Nouveau Vintage

Well, as soon as I laid eyes on this polish, I had to have it. Sadly, I was on a no-buy, so I had to wait and hope that it would still be available when November rolled around.

Luckily, my Ross is a little bit slower than others, and tends to have Color Club collections around a bit longer than others :D


Nouveau vintage is described as antique gold foil. Well. Its not. Bronze, I will accept. Gold? No. Not to mention that many people have claimed that their bottle of NV is green and that it dries a bronzey brown foil. I see green, red, and a lot of tawny goodness in this one!


Here it is in the shade

And since it bugs me that they don't come labeled from Ross...


I made my own!

The first thought I had dupe-wise was that NV looked like my Skin Food Cappuccino Gold on the pictures, and maybe a little like Owl's Night?


As you can see, not so much lol The one polish I do have that I completely forgot was similar was Cover Girl Bronze Beauty. Not nearly exact, BB is actually more glittery than foily and a little more silvery, but similar in a way.
No pics, though, sorry, I forgot I had BB :P

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