About Me

Hi, you can call me Zoki (Zo like 'oh' ki like 'key'). I'm 24 years old, live with my fiance, and have two cats. I'm a college student (took some time off, that's why I'm so old lol), nail polish enthusiast, and a ghost hunter. Yes, I am serious about that last bit, I have my own group and everything lol.

I say lol a lot.

Yes, I do change my nails every day, for several reasons. 1) nail polish does not wear well on me, and in my experience, when it chips, it tends to bring pieces of my nail with it. So I don't like the chipped look, and I don't want my nails to be weak. 2) I get bored so easily with my nail color that I have to change it frequently. Very rarely do I ever even consider leaving a mani intact for over 24 hours.

You may notice my polish is usually all over my skin and cuticles. This is because I usually take pictures pre-clean up. I don't like the look of the acetone "gap", so I don't do it right away after my nails are done.

My nails may or may not be different lengths. I have had a long struggle with getting my nails to grow, and only after ingesting massive quantities of biotin (not recommended. Talk to your doctor before taking any vitamin supplements) and being extremely careful with my nails, they have started to grow, but my index fingers still have many breaks and peels.

I spend a lot of time online, mostly because i work an average of 6 to 12 hours every day, but my schedule is so off from my fiance's that he goes to sleep an hour after I get home and I stay up very late, so I get bored lol.