Friday, November 18, 2011

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bottle Shots - Bluebell, Black, Purple

Anyone else think Kleancolor tends to cop out on naming things? Look at the Metallic Collection: Red, Orange, -Mango-, Yellow, Green, Aqua, -Sapphire-, Purple, Fuchsia, Pink, Black, and White. Why even bother with the mango and sapphire when the rest are just color names? Chunky holos are similarly lackluster with a few random fancies thrown in: Black, -Bluebell-, Purple, -Clover-, Scarlet, -Poppy-, and Fuchsia. Idunno.

Well, I only bought three of the Chunky Holos (I'd like to complete the set eventually). I got Bluebell and Purple because, boy, in the bottle do these look WAY different.


(Black, Bluebell, Purple in that order)

But on the nail, Bluebell and Purple, especially if you layer them over a dark color, look identical. I'll add a picture of that later, I don't seem to know where my comparison shot went. For some odd reason, Black is the only one with hex glitter. If you could only get ONE of these, I would say go for black, but the rest are all pretty nice, too.

I apologize for having so few pictures, and for perhaps posting this one already. Now I can't remember lol.

Good thing I have two more posts coming up for you today!

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