Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun with Layla hologram effects

Layla flash black? YES PLEASE!

I have silver holos of all kinds, but I also got Mercury Twilight on a recommendation from (and also from the stash of) GoldenAnkh, and recently I received Retro Pink in a summer gift swap :)

This man is a little older ( a few months) but I think its worth posting.

A diagonal tape mani with Layla Flash Black and Mercury Twilight!

I think I may do this again as a patchwork mani with the retro pink also.

I love the Layla holos! I used the Jessica holo base coat (from the Disco Diva set) and no top coat and it wore at least all day. The holo effect was seamless (which I appreciated) which is why I suggest doing this kind of mani with holos from the same brand (different particles used by different brands will reflect light differently and may produce an ugly jagged effect.