Monday, November 7, 2011

Ma.Nish.Ma. Holographic Nail Color - Beyond Opal

Today I'm going to share something beautiful with you!


Ma.Nish.Ma.'s Holographic Nail Color in Beyond Opal!


and in shade


It was impossible for me to capture the beauty of this polish. If you've ever seen Sally Hansen's South Sea Pearl, it has the same colors, just broken into glass fleck form, like a fractured rainbow. Its definitely prismatic and holographic, with a pastel rainbow effect. I know people have been wanting a white holo, but find that spectraflair makes it greyish. Well, here's your answer!

I have seen this polish compared to Jesse's Girl Firefly and it also somewhat resembles China Glaze White Cap, but neither have the pink and blue tones that this one flashes. Both Firefly and White Cap are very strong in the golds and greens, but Beyond Opal litteraly looks like the flashes you see in an opal.

Its a little pricey, though, which I don't like, $4.99 for 0.22 fl oz is a steep price (consider, that would be about $12.50 for an OPI-sized bottle, but I have to say its worth it.

You can find her and her sisters at Rite Aid, but they weren't anything to write home about. There was a silver with holo glitter (like Milani HD except less prismatic), a lavender that looked exactly like Sally Hansen DVD, and a pink (Way Out Fuscia [sic]) that is a dupe to Sally Hansen Byte.

I can't really swallow that creative spelling of "fuchsia".........

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