Friday, November 18, 2011

Chameleon Calypso....Update!

Ah, Calypso, we've had this date with each other for a long time...

So Calypso. I saw you and your sister Blue Skies in Rite Aid and you actually stopped me dead in my tracks. Your duochrome fabulosity was visible to me in my peripheral vision from 10 feet away. DF looked at me like I was insane when I suddenly bolted down your aisle and grabbed you. The colors you flashed... Green, purple, blue, silver! Amazing! I had to have you! I purchased you and Blue Skies, the last two in the display, it felt like fate!

I wore Blue Skies first and she chipped. Horrifically. After 8 hours. Not cool, Blue Skies. Not cool. Now made wary of your charms, I avoided you for so long. Long enough that it began to feel silly... So last night, I decided to finally take you out on the town.

Now I wish we had never met.

I layered you over Kleancolor Metallic Black, since you looked to sheer to wear on your own. After THREE coats, you continued to streak and frost and wrinkle! By the incandescent light, all I could see was your frosty mauveness and I was sick at the thought.

Calypso, this is what you could have been:

Don't be fooled by this whore in lady's clothing. It will let you down hard.

It didn't even last on my nails long enough to dry. It wrinkled and dented and was just an ungodly mess. But doesn't it look so pretty in the bottle? *rolls eyes*

As I'm writing this post while Gizmotron World Destroyer 3000 attempts to groom my head by ripping my hair out with his teeth. Aww, he loves me.


I saw this in Rite Aid again and somehow its even more shit than before.
There is NO visible duochrome in this version AT ALL. Seriously, its now just flat, nasty mauve.


What the heck are you doing, Scherer?

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