Thursday, November 10, 2011

Color Club Foiled Swatches

Nothing new or impressive here as far as my post is concerned. I just wanted to show you my nail wheel swatches of Color Club's Foiled collection, just in case you're on the fence.


Perfect Mol-Ten: Green foil. Its totally unique to my stash! I'm not sure of it yet... Its like a jade green, and it is very pretty, but i don't know how to take it XD

Antiquated: Normally I'm all over metal colors, but this one is a little [i]too[/i] champagney for me, i think. It disappears on my nail a little too much

Cold Metal: Yes. This is the big winner for me. Rich, royal blue foil? Again, yes. Shadewise, it can't even compare to Kleancolor's Metallic Sapphire, but foilwise its the clear winner. Its closer on par to KC's Metallic Aqua as far as foilyness goes.

Hot Like Lava: Fuchsiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Its so much fun to look at, but I don't know how it won't clash with my skin somehow D: Oh well, like that ever stops me!

Foil Me Once: Baby pink foil. Very cute, girly, pretty, and somewhat futuristic :D

Lumen-Icent: Other than hating on the name, its great. Its very silvery, but it truly is an icy blue. Love it!

If you see this collection, grab it! The polishes are great for stamping and who doesn't love a nice, shiny foil? :3

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