Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Private Jet Franken

I have made many, many attempts at frankening this beast. Its not terribly easy, but it IS easy to screw it up.

I made a tester in a bottle cap like I usually do when I'm going for something very specific.


Freaking gorgeous, right? All I had to do was mix about 10 drops black, 5 drops clear, 2 drops SH Purple Diamond and this is what it made. It was beautiful, a true black holo... Not grey, not brown, not charcoal, but actually black.

When I went to make it in a bottle, things went awry.


The holo was now extremely dull. So I added a ton more holo... and it was still extremely dull.

I added more clear, which made it too grey. I added more black which made it too dull again.

My current end result is this:

Mine is the one on the left (the black one) and the original MPJ is on the right (the brown one). In real life it reads very purple, but its finally holo. I just don't really know how to tweak it without starting the process again. So much polish has been exchanged that I now have THREE franken bottles of this stuff, all different degrees of awesome from not so much to pretty awesome. I've added Purple Diamond, Diamond, Ruby Diamond, Blush Diamond, Pink Rose Diamond, DS Original, DS Glamour, and I don't even know what else.

What do you think of the current end result, though? I am curious lol

Friday, November 18, 2011

OPI DS Original and Sally Hansen Purple Diamond Dupe Comp

Since OPI DS Original was in my untrieds and its so sunny out, I pulled it out to take it for a spin, even though I know its a dead on dupe for Sally Hansen Purple Diamond. Purple Diamond happens to be one of my favorite polishes of all time, so this is OK. But I paid a lot for the bottle of OPI to find out I had three full bottles of its dupe in my stash.

Ah well, they make amazing MPJ frankens! Better than the brownish holo by far!


Here is the OPI on its own. I think my camera is a homophobe because it HATES rainbows lol

Now here it is alternating with Sally Hansen Purple Diamond


Can you tell which is which?
Here you go!


To be honest, I actually prefer the Sally Hansen. It goes on less sheer and the holo particles are ever so slightly larger so they refract ever so slightly more.

You may think its cruel to show you two long discontinued polishes like this, but neither of these is by any means impossible to find. Just keep your eyes open :)

Chameleon Calypso....Update!

Ah, Calypso, we've had this date with each other for a long time...

So Calypso. I saw you and your sister Blue Skies in Rite Aid and you actually stopped me dead in my tracks. Your duochrome fabulosity was visible to me in my peripheral vision from 10 feet away. DF looked at me like I was insane when I suddenly bolted down your aisle and grabbed you. The colors you flashed... Green, purple, blue, silver! Amazing! I had to have you! I purchased you and Blue Skies, the last two in the display, it felt like fate!

I wore Blue Skies first and she chipped. Horrifically. After 8 hours. Not cool, Blue Skies. Not cool. Now made wary of your charms, I avoided you for so long. Long enough that it began to feel silly... So last night, I decided to finally take you out on the town.

Now I wish we had never met.

I layered you over Kleancolor Metallic Black, since you looked to sheer to wear on your own. After THREE coats, you continued to streak and frost and wrinkle! By the incandescent light, all I could see was your frosty mauveness and I was sick at the thought.

Calypso, this is what you could have been:

Don't be fooled by this whore in lady's clothing. It will let you down hard.

It didn't even last on my nails long enough to dry. It wrinkled and dented and was just an ungodly mess. But doesn't it look so pretty in the bottle? *rolls eyes*

As I'm writing this post while Gizmotron World Destroyer 3000 attempts to groom my head by ripping my hair out with his teeth. Aww, he loves me.


I saw this in Rite Aid again and somehow its even more shit than before.
There is NO visible duochrome in this version AT ALL. Seriously, its now just flat, nasty mauve.


What the heck are you doing, Scherer?

Orly Happy Go Lucky - Frisky. It kills my camera.

Alright. Frisky is one of those camera-freaking-out colors that are so much fun to wear and a pain in the ass to try to show you. In reality, Frisky is a very pretty, bright, Tiffany blue. It looks more Tiffany than China Glaze's For Audrey could ever hope to be. (I know that my disdain of For Audrey makes some people angry, but I'm sorry, For Audrey is not nearly green enough.)

The day I took these pictures was extremely overcast and my camera couldn't handle the pressure to accurately capture this color... Except on my pinkie.


I don't understand it, but there it is.

This wreaked havoc on my cuticle beds, running into them, getting all thick and weird, and chunky/crusty, but the color was amazing. I had been dying to get Frisky forever and I never saw the display in Ulta, and the one I did see in Sally's only had one bottle of Fresh left. Well, apparently, Ulta moved this (and the entire Fowl Play collection) into the permanent display! Well fine then, I'll accept that lol.

Now I just need to get the other three and I shall be happy.

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bottle Shots - Bluebell, Black, Purple

Anyone else think Kleancolor tends to cop out on naming things? Look at the Metallic Collection: Red, Orange, -Mango-, Yellow, Green, Aqua, -Sapphire-, Purple, Fuchsia, Pink, Black, and White. Why even bother with the mango and sapphire when the rest are just color names? Chunky holos are similarly lackluster with a few random fancies thrown in: Black, -Bluebell-, Purple, -Clover-, Scarlet, -Poppy-, and Fuchsia. Idunno.

Well, I only bought three of the Chunky Holos (I'd like to complete the set eventually). I got Bluebell and Purple because, boy, in the bottle do these look WAY different.


(Black, Bluebell, Purple in that order)

But on the nail, Bluebell and Purple, especially if you layer them over a dark color, look identical. I'll add a picture of that later, I don't seem to know where my comparison shot went. For some odd reason, Black is the only one with hex glitter. If you could only get ONE of these, I would say go for black, but the rest are all pretty nice, too.

I apologize for having so few pictures, and for perhaps posting this one already. Now I can't remember lol.

Good thing I have two more posts coming up for you today!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Color Club Foiled Swatches

Nothing new or impressive here as far as my post is concerned. I just wanted to show you my nail wheel swatches of Color Club's Foiled collection, just in case you're on the fence.


Perfect Mol-Ten: Green foil. Its totally unique to my stash! I'm not sure of it yet... Its like a jade green, and it is very pretty, but i don't know how to take it XD

Antiquated: Normally I'm all over metal colors, but this one is a little [i]too[/i] champagney for me, i think. It disappears on my nail a little too much

Cold Metal: Yes. This is the big winner for me. Rich, royal blue foil? Again, yes. Shadewise, it can't even compare to Kleancolor's Metallic Sapphire, but foilwise its the clear winner. Its closer on par to KC's Metallic Aqua as far as foilyness goes.

Hot Like Lava: Fuchsiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Its so much fun to look at, but I don't know how it won't clash with my skin somehow D: Oh well, like that ever stops me!

Foil Me Once: Baby pink foil. Very cute, girly, pretty, and somewhat futuristic :D

Lumen-Icent: Other than hating on the name, its great. Its very silvery, but it truly is an icy blue. Love it!

If you see this collection, grab it! The polishes are great for stamping and who doesn't love a nice, shiny foil? :3

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Color Club Nouveau Vintage

Well, as soon as I laid eyes on this polish, I had to have it. Sadly, I was on a no-buy, so I had to wait and hope that it would still be available when November rolled around.

Luckily, my Ross is a little bit slower than others, and tends to have Color Club collections around a bit longer than others :D


Nouveau vintage is described as antique gold foil. Well. Its not. Bronze, I will accept. Gold? No. Not to mention that many people have claimed that their bottle of NV is green and that it dries a bronzey brown foil. I see green, red, and a lot of tawny goodness in this one!


Here it is in the shade

And since it bugs me that they don't come labeled from Ross...


I made my own!

The first thought I had dupe-wise was that NV looked like my Skin Food Cappuccino Gold on the pictures, and maybe a little like Owl's Night?


As you can see, not so much lol The one polish I do have that I completely forgot was similar was Cover Girl Bronze Beauty. Not nearly exact, BB is actually more glittery than foily and a little more silvery, but similar in a way.
No pics, though, sorry, I forgot I had BB :P

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ma.Nish.Ma. Holographic Nail Color - Beyond Opal

Today I'm going to share something beautiful with you!


Ma.Nish.Ma.'s Holographic Nail Color in Beyond Opal!


and in shade


It was impossible for me to capture the beauty of this polish. If you've ever seen Sally Hansen's South Sea Pearl, it has the same colors, just broken into glass fleck form, like a fractured rainbow. Its definitely prismatic and holographic, with a pastel rainbow effect. I know people have been wanting a white holo, but find that spectraflair makes it greyish. Well, here's your answer!

I have seen this polish compared to Jesse's Girl Firefly and it also somewhat resembles China Glaze White Cap, but neither have the pink and blue tones that this one flashes. Both Firefly and White Cap are very strong in the golds and greens, but Beyond Opal litteraly looks like the flashes you see in an opal.

Its a little pricey, though, which I don't like, $4.99 for 0.22 fl oz is a steep price (consider, that would be about $12.50 for an OPI-sized bottle, but I have to say its worth it.

You can find her and her sisters at Rite Aid, but they weren't anything to write home about. There was a silver with holo glitter (like Milani HD except less prismatic), a lavender that looked exactly like Sally Hansen DVD, and a pink (Way Out Fuscia [sic]) that is a dupe to Sally Hansen Byte.

I can't really swallow that creative spelling of "fuchsia".........

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sinful Colors - Envy

Today's featured polish is Sinful Colors Envy


(I apologize for the unusually messy nails and less than awesome picture, I was totally out of it that day)

Envy is the cheap version of OPI's Jade is the New Black. Some people have expressed difficulty in locating JITNB, but I recently saw about 10 in my Ulta's core shelf, so I don't really know.

Its an interesting shade... Dark green creme, slightly darker than imperial jade, the traditional jade green we are used to, but its still something I would classify as jade.

Its a great color, I don't have JITNB to compare it to, but I've seen pictures and they look really close to me :)

Friday, October 28, 2011


So, normally I love copper, and when I found WnW Rustic at CVS for $0.50, I was pretty happy!

For whatever reason, I didn't try it for a long time, but now I don't think I'll be bothering to try it again.


It photographed beautifully. In fact, it was difficult to find a picture that captured its true nature. In the bottle and in most photos, it exhibits a lovely golden glow that just was NOT present on the nail IRL... It was almost like a shimmery tree bark color (which works well with the name, I suppose...) with no hint of coppery gold once dry.

I don't know, I found this one to be really disappointing. Wet and Wild isn't an expensive brand by any stretch, and it usually gets glowing reviews, but this one was such a let down. The polishes with the television-themed names are much nicer in my opinion, but the formulas still need a touch of work.

Does anyone else have this color? Have you been able to get it to exhibit that lovely golden color when you wear it?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LEDNail Magic Nail Polish 023

Hey all!

One thing that has always kind of bugged me about cosmetic companies is when they don't name a product, but rather assign it a number. I'm thinking about assigning names to these polishes just for my own reference XD Like the one I'm wearing today:


023. Very descriptive. This one is a magnetic, and I used a diagonal stripe magnet to achieve this look. I tried a magnet that had a central point and four rays but although it looked cool in the bottle, I just didn't feel like doing extra work to make it happen on my nails. The diagonal is pretty fool-proof and it does make a cool design.

The base color of this polish is a nearly black sort of syrup loaded with golden glitter and th metallic particles are a light beigey tan color. None of my pictures were really able to capture how awesome this looks, but I have a closeup for you to get a better idea.


My camera is a piece of crap for some reason, but you can get a decent idea from this, I believe.

Magnetics do take some getting used to, but a steady hand is the most important thing of all. Every now and then, my hand spazzes out and thrusts my wet nail directly on to the magnet, but it only takes about 15 seconds for the pattern to set.

I have 48 individual colors from this set and 24 of them are for sale on my blog sale page.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Emerald City + Blog Sale Page

Today's polish is Sally Hansen Emerald City


Emerald City is a bright, lovely kelly green shimmer. I wouldn't say its emerald green, because emerald is a bit blue. It took about three coats to hit full opacity, which is more than I like, but its a very unique green in my collection :)

Its no good for konad since its super sheer, but if you don't have a good, solid green, this is one to look for.

Also, if anyone is interested, I've decided to start a blog sale! The fabulous mystery polishes I kept talking about will be on there :3

Check back in a few hours!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chanel Graphite... Its like sex!

I was generously gifted a bottle of Chanel Graphite and its amazing. I've already worn it twice, which among 450 bottles of polish is impressive!


Look at it! Sparkly, metallic, and pewter :3


This is one of those polishes that really makes me regret my ugly nail shape :-/ For whatever reason, my left ring finger always looks like a spade (shovel, not the card suit) in pictures :-/ I swear it looks normal in real life, it just hotographs weird -_-

Anyway, everyone has been saying that the Chanel is duped by Revlon Carbonite. I was searching all over the tri-county area for Carbonite and had no luck until the day after I got Graphite in the mail XD Just looking at it in the bottle, I don't think that Carbonite is quite as awesome, and some swatches look a little duller, but this color looks impossible to dupe! (I have been trying with silver foil and CG Bronze Beauty, not quite there lol).

What do you think? Are Carbonite and Graphite dupes or just fraternal twins?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Color Club Back to Boho Cremes

Color Club polishes have such hideous names. SUCH hideous names........ That fact aside, the colors are pretty impressive!

Anyway, I HAD to buy the Back to Boho cremes because I couldn't live without New Bohemian (the turquoise shade) and where I get them, they only come in sets (I have rarely seen them separate anyway) but the entire collection really isn't that bad!

Since there have been about 5 sunny days in the past two months, I barely have any pictures, and these are cloudy anyway.


Bottle Shots! They are actually all really great colors. Nomadic in Nude, Earthy Angel, New Bohemian, Shabby Drab, Rad Nomad *ugh*, Red-ical Gypsy *God... these NAMES*

This is Earthy Angel. It reminds me of liquid foundation lol


It is a little sheer, but nothing horrible.


New Bohemian!!! Described as Tiffany Blue, but not really. Its a bit darker and dustier, but still a really great shade of sky blue. I love sky blue nail polish, even though I hardly ever wear it XD

I've tried Rad Nomad, but I can't remember if I wore it alone or under something, but I do remember it dries even darker than it looks, so its nearly black when on, but in a really great way!

If you can snag this collection, do it! Even if its just for New Bohemian :P

Monday, October 17, 2011

Color Club Foiled - Foil Me Once

Well, I'm not usually a fan of baby pink, but DF picked it out :)

I LOVE FOILS. I don't know why, but I just adore them... I mean, I love a LOT of finishes, but foils... yes.

I grabbed the set and I did swatch them all promptly when I got home. Cold Metal is nearly the same shade of blue as Orly Stone Cold (which is the MOST AMAZING glittery blue polish I have ever seen... I'm not including SH HD in Laser because that's a duochrome glass fleck and a different category. Actually, I'm not sure if Stone Cold is glitter or glass fleck, but I digress...).

I think I've also worn Lumin-Icent, but I don't remember >_< Stupid STUPID backorder on my meds!!! Photobucket

Foil Me Once (seriously, Color Club? No.) Very pretty bright pastel pink foil :3

Do you like foils? Get this set! They are also super fab Konad polishes!!!!

Halloween time already???

Wasn't it just Christmas, like, last week?


Anyway, since my fiance and I are getting pumpkins when he gets home, I decided to celebrate with a polish I've been saving since, like, July.


Hard Candy Mischief!!!

I admit, when I bought this polish last July, I thought it was copper. The little ring around the cap of the bottle is a big, puffy copper-colored heart, and with the lighting in the store, I was duped!!!!!!! D:

I googled it when I got home to see if HC was coming out with a new collection I hadn't heard about, and found out that Mischief is actually from the Halloween '10 collection, and everyone else was describing it as orange glitter in a smokey base.

Me: *hates orange*

I kept trying to convince myself that it was, in fact, copper, but to no avail. Its orange.

So yes, Mischief is small, orange glitter in a smokey, blackish-brown base. Even with two coats of SV its gritty, and the little bits of glitter actually see fit to hang over my free edge and feel all scratchy and look lumpy. -_-

Nothing a coat of Gelous (no have) or a nail file (can't find) wouldn't fix.

Oddly, though, when I put the second coat of SV over, the glitter visibly dulled... It just wasn't as vibrant as the first coat had made it, but perhaps its just that awesome property of gritty glitters that make everything look icky until you can smother it with enough top coat to make it shine?

Thursday, October 13, 2011 consumes!!!

Hey, if you were looking at my blog recently, you will notice that I've been absent.

Its school. I hates it.

Also, there have been about 5 days of sun since the last time I posted pictures. Seriously. Did you hear about the crazy flooding in PA? Yeah, I was there. Not in the middle of it all, per se, but it rained here constantly for three weeks, and now its just always cloudy and shitty..

I have pictures, I'll post them later, promise :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hey Kids, Remember Me? + Nails Magazine is run by a really unhappy individual

Well, the rush of Back to School is finally over (thank God! I thought I was going to die at a few points), but that means that I have also started school again, and I also have this monster of a cold trying to pull my lungs inside out.

I have a bunch of new things to show you guys, (mainly Kleancolor Metallics. Hot DAMN! They are shiny!). I'll have a huge announcement coming up soon, hopefully, and with any luck, you'll be seeing more of me (cuz you miss me. You know you do.).

In the meantime... Let's take a look at a recent article from NAILS Magazine Editor Hannah Lee....

On My Mind: Move Over, Bloggers!

First of all, wut?

I’m getting kind of tired of all these consumer bloggers online who are just infatuated with nail polish and post endlessly about polish and doing their own nails. I mean, sure, they probably help increase the awareness of nail care and new products (mostly polish), but I think it’s time for those of us on the professional side of the nail world to take back our place in the pecking order.

Let me stop you right there. First of all, rude. Yeah, I understand that those individuals who do their own nails and encourage others to do the same may be taking business away from you, but let's face it. There are a LOT of nail salons that overcharge for sub par work.

They’re even starting to infiltrate my side of the nail world as well — I see as many bloggers taking meetings with manufacturers and hanging out in the press room at trade shows as I do actual journalists.

Infiltrate?? I wasn't aware that the nail care business was some kind of top secret outfit. Besides, its not like they're sneaking in or crashing the party, they were obviously invited and welcomed in. Manufacturers aren't stupid. They realize that the bloggers create more buzz for their brand than any nail tech.

As nail technicians, YOU have the influence over your clients to share the latest color trends and nail styles. Who knows better than YOU about the differences in hybrid gels and what the right treatment for peeling nails is. Don’t cede your powerful professional influence to a bunch of polish junkies who are looking for free handouts of the latest collections from manufacturers. OK, that’s a little harsh. But seriously, the professional side of our industry needs to stay at the forefront and the DIY-ers need to take a small step back.

The rudeness in the paragraph overflows. First of all, many nail techs are not adventurous, trendy people. I'm not saying that none are, but there are quite a few who have been doing this since the 80s and earlier, who couldn't give less of a crap about the new trends. What do you expect from people who have all of 15 bottles of OPI classics? I swear, right in the absolute height of black nails coming into vogue, every salon I went into/near/past had either no black polish or just one of those little stripey things. Don't assume, Ms Lee, that just because people are professionals, that they either know or care about trends.

Polish junkies? I'm sorry, should I be more like the acrylic junkie techs? Should I be sporting glitter-soaked DUCK NAILS because that's what the nail tech thinks is hot? I have around 350 bottles of nail polish, more than most techs have seen in their lives. I have NEVER received a free handout. I am an artist, I express myself everyday through color, and if that makes me a junkie, so be it, but don't you dare assume that we're just greedy little things looking for handouts. We certainly don't have any stores that refuse service to others and offer polish (among other things) at lower prices. We (most of us) don't get incentives from companies.

Thank you, but I believe that the nail techs should step UP and align themselves with the bloggers, because its not the fault of BLOGGERS that nail techs are falling into the shadows. Don't point the finger into cyber space because you are all left blinking in confusion at the light.

The bloggers are the new kids on the block and everyone is fascinated with them. So how do you get your voice heard, you ask?

Easy, you're a professional? Act like one. Know your business. Know your products. For God's sake, know more than three brands of polish. Climb out of your own black hole salons and workstations and listen to the people. We aren't impressed with the gel and crackle polish.

As an educated and licensed nail technician you can speak to clients on a level that the polish enthusiasts can’t. You know what services to recommend. You know what nail shape and length looks best on each of your clients. You know how the products work and why. You know the latest colors, the coolest appliques, and the interesting new techniques (because you read and go to shows and follow professional bloggers). I’ve got a couple ideas to help you reclaim your position as the nail expert.

What services will a nail tech recommend? Acrylics or gel enhancements. That's what keeps clients coming back repeatedly because of the upkeep. I once heard from a girl that the nail tech she went to insulted her for having long, natural nails. Of course they don't want to tell us how to keep our natural nails long and strong, they want us to give up and get tips! Never mind the fact the enhancements destroy your natural nails, your having natural nails doesn't make them any MONEY. And yeah, how many nail techs have you seen with a full set of Konad plates, doing sponge work, gradients, or hell, even Minx? I can name one salon that (unofficially) does minx nails in the area, with the actual Minx website telling me that no one within 50 miles does it. This 50 mile span incorporates three rather large cities.

> Start your own blog.
> Use your web page and Facebook page as a place where you can talk to your clients about what’s hot.
> If you’re a nail artist, create a profile on Nail Art Gallery ( and share it with your clients.
> Get in touch with the consumer press and offer your expertise for nail style stories.
> Put your own “Hot Off the Presses” book together with color swatches, nail styles, and trends you’re seeing from your fellow nail techs or in your trade magazines. Heck, put stuff you find on blogs and in consumer magazines in there too, but present it to your clients as you being their go-to source for all things nail-related.

First of all, how many of you want to go home after a long day of work and then blog for an hour or two about your job? I sure as hell wouldn't! I don't consider a Facebook page a source for professional information. I can't believe that was a serious recommendation.
Not many local papers are keen on publishing "nail style stories", you know, with all the actual news they have to keep up with.
I also would not recommend stealing images and techniques from blogs. Especially after this particular article, many bloggers are going to be on the defense and they will NOT allow someone to use their images in a "Hot of the Presses" style book. Besides, isn't that the tech's job to be the "source" of what's hot? Not a regurgitator of another person's work, but the actual SOURCE.

If your clients are getting the information from you, they won’t have a reason to get it elsewhere. I don’t think consumer bloggers are bad, and I certainly don’t think they’re bad for our industry. I’ve just been thinking that they’re taking the nail care spotlight from those who rightly deserve it — YOU.

Yeah, this last paragraph doesn't make up for the cattiness of your previous thoughts.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4 of 4 past mani updates - Here Comes Trouble

This is the last of my current Orly (or as my fiance calls it 'Oh Really') collection, Here Comes Trouble!


with flash


natural cloudy lighting

i felt like yelling HULK SMASH all day long :)

Layered over China Glaze Lime Light

3 of 4 past mani updates - Bubbly Bombshell

Sparkly purply pink glitter madness!!!!!


Layered over Color Club Gimme a Grape Big Kiss.... which is a STRONG smell.
I really don't know how to describe the color, but the look is awesome!

2 of 4 past mani updates - Celeb City

This one is Sally Hansen Celeb City. I love foils, especially silver, copper, and gold ones. Celeb City is nice, but a little more "glittery" than, say, Zoya Trixie.


The red is the reflection of my shirt lol

1 of 4 past mani updates - Halleys Comet

Hi, as mentioned before, I've been ill and very overworked. This is my first free moment for over a week and I'm still not technically free.

This is my second attempt at the houndstooth/diagonal mani with Orly Halley's Comet and WnW Black Creme


Still not perfect, but the image plates i have are too small

Sunday, August 14, 2011

hey guys! want some holo pr0n?

OK, i will be updating the blog tonight, i've just been ill and tired lately, but for now i will post some pictures of GOSH Holographic!!! My nails were in horrific shape back when these were taken, but I hope you enjoy the spam for now :)







And did i ever post pictures of Nfu Oh 64? I don't recall


And for good measure, a picture of Sally Hansen Magicals Purple Potion


and a REALLY messy picture of SH Magicals Blue Aura


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


sorry for lack of posting, not feeling quite up to it... if i skip a dose of meds, i think my brain floats away and i can't focus long enough to make a coherent post...

I'll try tomorrow...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Skinfood...awful name, wonderful polish

bonjour, mes amis!

Yeah, I haven't posted in =a few days but i've been busy plus my compute=r is being a huge bitch. If you see a bunch of rando=m equals signs its because my compu=ter seems to =think that i want them posted everywhere. I spilled coffee on my computer weeks ago, and for a while that button wouldn't work at all, now it won't stop inserting them wherever it pleases... which is everywhere, especially if i use the backspace button.

So i'm leaving them in because if i try to remove them, it will only try to add more and i will throw the damn thing out the wind=ow and s=et i=t on fire.

So i'll be playing a little bit of catch-up w=ith= you=.

A few days ago I gave in to the tempt=atio=n of my new Skinfoods. 612 Cappuccino Gold


omg isn't it beautiful? It is so amazing! I would describe the color as a blackened gold and the finish is a foil.
For whatever reason i didn't take pictures, but I put my new OPI Turquoise Shatter over it and the results were beautiful and a bit subtle.

Skinfood is a Korean brand and there is a website you can attempt to buy them off of (however, even when browseing on the English site, it still gave me mostly korean)++===================================================== (see this ridiculous crap with the equals button???)+===
There IS a store in California apparently, but I'm nowhere near Cali, so I had to resort to Ebay. I recommend this color!!! Find it however you can :)+===================================================================================
*smashes computer with hammer*

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tape mani with Teal of Fortune

Today's NOTD is Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune with Black Creme


I love the color of ToF, but it gives me some serious VNL. Ew. This was the only picture i could take where it wasn't really obvious. You'd never look at it and think it was a jelly... Its a dupe of Zoya Charla (and OPI Catch Me in Your Net, among others).

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hard Candy Beetle

Today's NOTD is Hard Candy Beetle.

Now, when HC was sold at Sephora, I was a huge fan of their cute and unique products, and i never went anywhere without my Take Out kit (which broke, as a result).

When I saw them in Wal Mart, I freaked out and got all excited and bought various products, returned about half (seriously. I would get them home and they were pure awful.) so I wasn't too keen on trying their nail polish. At the time there weren't any amazing standout colors, and I was still kind of a polish snob, only buying OPI or high-end brands.

Well... MUA has a way of breaking me down about polish. When you see tons of people raving about a polish they bought for a dollar, and everyone else wants it, you get curious.

In comes Beetle.



Sorry about the ugly shape of my nails, they're just weird.

Beetle is a burgundy/gold/green duochrome flash that also exhibits some lovely shimmer :)