Friday, July 22, 2011

Some theme week NOTD's

So, as I mentioned in my last post, this week was Mythical Creatures theme week!

Monday was Vampires: Photobucket
Estee Lauder Ultra Violet - Got mine at CCS, but its still for sale in department stores if you're interested. Its a very dark plum with fuchsia glass fleck

Tuesday was Fairies: Photobucket
OPI Significant Other Color over Rimmel Climax. I HATE SOC. Its a beautiful lavender with green duochrome flash, but its amazingly sheer and when you layer it, the green vanishes into the ether. Hate. You can still buy it anywhere that sells OPI's larger core line, but unless you like almost invisible polish, skip it like the 90s toy. Rimmel's climax is probably no longer available anywhere, since I've only seen displays of like, ten rimmels nowadays.

Wednesday was Dragons: Photobucket
RARR. Milani 3D in 3D under Kleancolor Green Crackle, under Nfu Oh 51. Not what I had wanted at all, but I gave up trying to make it work. Milani is available in Rite Aid and CVS, Kleancolor was a swap extra, so i have no idea where you can get it, and Nfu Oh is available in the US from (love!).

Thursday was Mermaids: Photobucket
I gave up on trying to capture the photoshy SH HD DVD. She is beautiful, though....
Base color was Maybelline Turquoise Shimmer, Covered with 1 layer of SH HD Spectrum with a DVD 3 level gradient and a 3 level Kleancolor Chunky Holo glitter gradient in purple.
Sally Hansen's HD polishes are TO DIE FOR. I thought they had been discontinued, but they have been popping up in drugstores, grocery chains, and targets everywhere! Listen to me now. YOU NEED THESE. Also, YOU MUST LAYER THEM TO PRESERVE THEM. If you don't care about running out, you'll be using about 5 coats to reach optimum opacity, but if you're a polish hoarder like me, layer them for God's sake! They Maybelline is, I'm sure, long discontinued, but has many dupes (SH Teal Steel is pretty close), and the Kleancolor is available on Ebay, at least.

Friday (today) was Unicorns: Photobucket
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalways, I wanna beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with you and make belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve with you, and live in harmony harmony oh love!
Inspired by Robot Unicorn Attack: Milani 3D in HD layered over SH Celeb City, with a rainbow accent nail of Funky Fingers Riot, Color Club Pucci-Licious, Chelsea Girl, Get in Lime, Almost Famous, Wham! Pow!, and Warhol. I love my rainbow, I don't ever wanna remove it!!!! D:
Celeb City is available everywhere SH is sold, Milani is again, in drugstores, Funky fingers is at 5 Below stores, and CC was purchased at Ross.

Saturday will be Elves and Sunday Griffins.

Thanks for reading!

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