Sunday, July 17, 2011

Contest at Nailxchange!

Nailxchange is hosting a contest to name her frankens!

There is a beautiful purple holo, a magenta flakey, black flakey, and a blue flakey, and if you give them names, they could be yours!

Show your creativity and give it a whirl :)

Link (along with pictures and rules) is here => :

To attempt to fit in with a theme week proposed by Jadis4742 on MUA's nail board, my NOTD is Estee Lauder's Ultra Violet. Her theme is Mythical Creatures:
Monday - Vampire - EL UV (would have done a black with red moon mani if I hadn't just done my nails)
Tuesday - fairy - I'm thinking either China Glaze Fairy Dust or OPI DS Original
Wednesday - dragon - Either Nfu Oh 51 or Kleancolors green crack (looks like scales)
Thursday - mermaid - Oi... so many choices! Definitely something blue or turquoise
Friday - Unicorn - I'm thinking my franken called Unicorn
Saturday - elf - light green something or other
Sunday - griffin - gold for sure
I'll post pics when the sun comes up :)

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