Monday, July 25, 2011

Forgotten Loves Week - Day 1

This week's theme is forgotten loves, something you love but haven't worn in 4+ months. Having passed the 300 bottles landmark recently, i'm sure you can imagine that it's a) impossible to wear a lot of the same colors repeatedly in 4 months when you have so many to choose from and b) hard to choose a color that i love and haven't worn in a while.
I had the girls from the NB choose for me by selecting numbers, and the winner was one I actually wanted to wear lol
China Glaze Blue Sparrow is from the summer 2008 Ink collection, most of which, if not all, is still available at Sally Beauty. Blue Sparrow is a bright, neon blue with cerulean glitter. Its jellyish finish wise, and needs a top coat because neons dry semi-matte, which is gross.

EV +2.0, iso auto, wb auto
(I put down my camera settings because if you've ever tried to photograph your nails, its such a pain to get crisp, color accurate pictures in less than perfect lighting. Even on sunny days my color accuracy is way off. Today is very grey, medium brightness, slight rain.)

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