Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independance Day if you care

So last night my best friend's boyfriend tried to kill us with fire... fireworks that is. He set one off sideways by accident and it exploded in all directions but up, causing me, my bff, his sister, and my fiance to all run screaming as a giant ball of fire came rocketing towards our "safe" location. Afterwards we all sat in the grass a good 30 feet away (except Ace since an injury was sustained from the fleeing).

In honor of this day, I did my nails in a very festive, albeit hideously messy way.

I went with a base of Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome in Pure Crystal, which is a shimmer, super-sheer white frost (not at all chrome-ish. Not even close.). Being so very very sheer, it needed about 5 coats to reach optimum whiteness. I layered about 50 coats of Love My Nails Glory over it. Glory is a red and blue string aka bar glitter with silver star glitter in a clear base, but the densely-packed in the bottle glitter is sparse on the nails, and gets stuck in the brush in the worst way. Another HUGE problem with bar glitter is that it, by nature, is not guaranteed to remain fully on your nails. I have bits of tinsel poking off my tips and past my cuticles, since trying to push it back onto my nail beds resulted in smearing. Awesome.

You may not be familiar with Love My Nails. Its a brand I have only ever seen at one Wal Mart ever, and I only have three bottles of it myself. Its cheap, comes in an ugly bottle akin to the very old Wet n Wild bottles (clear cylinder with long white cap), and advertises that it is polish for that "Deep Wet Look". WUT? First off, what the hell is a DEEP wet look???????? It sounds so pervy I can't even process it! secondly, it dries in a very non-glossy way, so it doesn't even look WET. Thirdly it STINKS to HIGH HELL. I may not be making any friends at Bari cosmetics for this, but that smell needs to be addressed.

Results are a bit streaky, smeary, and spiky. Not what I ever EVER want from a manicure, but alas, I am too tired to care and will probably be removing it at 6:45 tomorrow when I get home from work. Yeah, that's right. Work. On a national friggen holiday lol.

Update on the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail strip in Misbehaved: Day 4 showed some very minimal (microscopic) tip wear and a little bit of growth peeking around the bottom, but since the color is so light, its not at all noticeable. So far, I approve!

Just in case you were wondering, this WILL be a picture blog. My card reader is hiding from me at the moment, so please be patient, I will add pictures to these posts.:)

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