Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Prismatic Pucci!

Today I'm wearing Color Cub Pucci-Licious (a dark, neon purple), topped with Catrice Prismatic Effects (a thick, white prism polish akin to Sally Hansen South Sea Pearl. The overall look is a less glittery version of Rescue Beauty Lounge's Scrangie. I know a lot of people have serious moral objections to RBL (I don't really know what they are, I've only heard rumblings).

I like the color of Pucci-Licious a lot, but Color Club neons chip pretty badly :-/. i already have some tip wear and chips and i did my nails only before i went to sleep last night and i only woke up two hours ago...

The Catrice is really pretty, but i think i would like it better over white or to make a french mani more interesting. Over such a dark color such as Pucci-Licious, it wound up looking streaky, which it really isn't.

My Sally Hansen Salon Effect strip is still looking good!

(pics to come)

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