Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LEDNail Magic Nail Polish 023

Hey all!

One thing that has always kind of bugged me about cosmetic companies is when they don't name a product, but rather assign it a number. I'm thinking about assigning names to these polishes just for my own reference XD Like the one I'm wearing today:


023. Very descriptive. This one is a magnetic, and I used a diagonal stripe magnet to achieve this look. I tried a magnet that had a central point and four rays but although it looked cool in the bottle, I just didn't feel like doing extra work to make it happen on my nails. The diagonal is pretty fool-proof and it does make a cool design.

The base color of this polish is a nearly black sort of syrup loaded with golden glitter and th metallic particles are a light beigey tan color. None of my pictures were really able to capture how awesome this looks, but I have a closeup for you to get a better idea.


My camera is a piece of crap for some reason, but you can get a decent idea from this, I believe.

Magnetics do take some getting used to, but a steady hand is the most important thing of all. Every now and then, my hand spazzes out and thrusts my wet nail directly on to the magnet, but it only takes about 15 seconds for the pattern to set.

I have 48 individual colors from this set and 24 of them are for sale on my blog sale page.

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