Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chanel Graphite... Its like sex!

I was generously gifted a bottle of Chanel Graphite and its amazing. I've already worn it twice, which among 450 bottles of polish is impressive!


Look at it! Sparkly, metallic, and pewter :3


This is one of those polishes that really makes me regret my ugly nail shape :-/ For whatever reason, my left ring finger always looks like a spade (shovel, not the card suit) in pictures :-/ I swear it looks normal in real life, it just hotographs weird -_-

Anyway, everyone has been saying that the Chanel is duped by Revlon Carbonite. I was searching all over the tri-county area for Carbonite and had no luck until the day after I got Graphite in the mail XD Just looking at it in the bottle, I don't think that Carbonite is quite as awesome, and some swatches look a little duller, but this color looks impossible to dupe! (I have been trying with silver foil and CG Bronze Beauty, not quite there lol).

What do you think? Are Carbonite and Graphite dupes or just fraternal twins?

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