Tuesday, April 17, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games Luxe & Lush & Sally Hansen HD Cyber

OK, so I am a huge Hunger Games fan. When I saw the China Glaze collection, I about freaked out. I did abstain from a lot of them, though. I'll post the others that I DID get another day.

Today's swatch is of Luxe & Lush. In the bottle, Luxe and Lush looks like lovely rainbow flakies.

I started with a base of Sally Hansen HD Cyber


Pretty, red-toned purple. To be honest, L & L confuses me, because its clearly a top coat and I would never want to layer it over a single other polish in the HG collection. A lot of browns, taupes, tans... not really good bases for rainbows.

Anyway. I'm only going to post one picture of L&L


What. The. Hell. Is. This.

These rainbow flakies are actually more like shards of glass. They were lumpy, jagged, not even rainbowy, and all-around unpleasant.

Three coats of gelous could not tame this bish.

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