Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Avon Blue Escape

Normally, I avoid Avon polishes. They just don't wear on me for more than a few hours, but I saw this one on a friend and went home and ordered it.


So yeah, I happen to have at least two other polishes that are the same exact color, but I just love this shade of bright, neon blue

For reference, here are some similar shades


Here it is next to Zoya Phoebe

And some color wheel swatches:


The three colors are nearly identical, but with different shimmers. Phoebe has top coat over it since its a matte polish. Its really hard to tell in my pictures, but you can kind of tell that Phoebe has the weakest shimmer, Blue Escape the most intense, and Wicked Sweet a little more golden.

The Avon's formula was decent, but pretty sheer. I needed at least three coats and I still had visible nail line (ugh). Layer it over white or silver and I bet you'll get a better result.

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