Sunday, August 7, 2011

Skinfood...awful name, wonderful polish

bonjour, mes amis!

Yeah, I haven't posted in =a few days but i've been busy plus my compute=r is being a huge bitch. If you see a bunch of rando=m equals signs its because my compu=ter seems to =think that i want them posted everywhere. I spilled coffee on my computer weeks ago, and for a while that button wouldn't work at all, now it won't stop inserting them wherever it pleases... which is everywhere, especially if i use the backspace button.

So i'm leaving them in because if i try to remove them, it will only try to add more and i will throw the damn thing out the wind=ow and s=et i=t on fire.

So i'll be playing a little bit of catch-up w=ith= you=.

A few days ago I gave in to the tempt=atio=n of my new Skinfoods. 612 Cappuccino Gold


omg isn't it beautiful? It is so amazing! I would describe the color as a blackened gold and the finish is a foil.
For whatever reason i didn't take pictures, but I put my new OPI Turquoise Shatter over it and the results were beautiful and a bit subtle.

Skinfood is a Korean brand and there is a website you can attempt to buy them off of (however, even when browseing on the English site, it still gave me mostly korean)++===================================================== (see this ridiculous crap with the equals button???)+===
There IS a store in California apparently, but I'm nowhere near Cali, so I had to resort to Ebay. I recommend this color!!! Find it however you can :)+===================================================================================
*smashes computer with hammer*


  1. I love the label on this bottle!!!

  2. me too, it looks like an old fashioned prescription bottle!