Monday, August 1, 2011

Hard Candy Beetle

Today's NOTD is Hard Candy Beetle.

Now, when HC was sold at Sephora, I was a huge fan of their cute and unique products, and i never went anywhere without my Take Out kit (which broke, as a result).

When I saw them in Wal Mart, I freaked out and got all excited and bought various products, returned about half (seriously. I would get them home and they were pure awful.) so I wasn't too keen on trying their nail polish. At the time there weren't any amazing standout colors, and I was still kind of a polish snob, only buying OPI or high-end brands.

Well... MUA has a way of breaking me down about polish. When you see tons of people raving about a polish they bought for a dollar, and everyone else wants it, you get curious.

In comes Beetle.



Sorry about the ugly shape of my nails, they're just weird.

Beetle is a burgundy/gold/green duochrome flash that also exhibits some lovely shimmer :)

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